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Our Story

The idea to start Maya Swimwear was born out of the desire to celebrate multi-ethnic, modest women from all over the world. As a young woman who not only liked to dress modestly but also enjoyed outdoors activities and swimming with family & friends, I found it difficult to find swimwear that were fashionable, affordable, and complimented my body type. You know that feeling when you are at the pool/beach and you are wearing a full non-swim outfit and everyone is looking at you funny? Yes, that is exactly how I felt every time! I decided to take matters into my own hands and start my own designs which were inspired by a variety of clothing options- and Maya Swimwear was born! My own spark of inspiration is my first-born daughter, Maya who has loved being in the water since she was born.


Our Vision

Our vision is to place a product in the market that empowers women and helps them feel special when around our natural elements. By every woman I mean not only modest women but also women who just want to protect themselves from the sun but not compromise on beauty. The reason we choose to cover may be different from one woman to the next, but I believe we deserve to feel comfortable and look our best. Here’s to the beginning of a beautiful relationship, with your support and comfort at the center of all that we do. Together with your feedback, we hope to have a product in the market that speaks to women of all ages. Made by women, for all women!

With Love,